placenta encapsulation


The practice of consuming one’s placenta following birth has a rich history. Placenta encapsulation involves steaming the placenta, drying at high temperature & inserting the ground placenta into a capsule.

Why placenta encapsulation?

Taking placenta capsules can:

  • help you to recover more quickly from birth
  • bring the body back into balance with your own hormones, made perfectly for you
  • ease postpartum depression symptoms
  • enhance & support your milk supply
  • increase your energy & combat fatigue
  • increase postpartum levels of B6, iron & protein

    How are my capsules prepared?

  • Your placenta will be prepared by a specialist who has been trained and certified by Placenta Benefits (PBI). All encapsulations take place in a dedicated work room & workspace, to Health and Safety in Food Hygiene standards, using medical grade cleaning & sterilizing agents.
  • The placenta is steamed with herbs (added to the water only) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recipes.
  • The placenta is dried  and ground into a powder.
  • The dried placenta is ground into a powder and put into empty vegetable capsule

    What will I receive after my placenta is encapsulated?

The average placenta makes about 75-250 pills. The capsules will be beautifully packaged for you. You will also be left with instructions for consumption.

How do I make a booking?

Ideally you pre-book your placenta encapsulation while still pregnant. Early booking ensures room in the calender. However, this is not always necessary – check in!

How do we get the placenta to you?

  • Ensure your support team and care providers know that you are keeping your placenta.

  • Place the placenta in a ziplock freezer bag and place in the fridge immediately. If baby is born during the night, ensure the placenta stays in the fridge until you are able to call in the morning. Safe handling is absolutely required in order for encapsulation to occur.

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