M O M heart  H U B

Mom Hub birth

Finding community in the tender time postpartum is so important. For first time mothers and for mothers that have already had babies, this is a time where the opportunity to sit with other women, talk about what is on your mind (or listen to others), get knowledge and wisdom from other moms is so important. Women need space to sit with their experiences, or be guided into discussion.

MomheartHub is about gathering with our babies, sharing our experiences of birth. It is about getting support for breastfeeding, asking questions, or talking about baby wearing. MomheartHub will be led by an experienced, knowledgeable birth worker and educator but this group is for you. It is for all your fears, all your triumphs and challenges. It is a place to be heard, to drink great tea and to breastfeed, to feel inspired and most of all, find a place that is just for you.

I will guide each session with a relevant topic and we will dive right in. Please join us and find out how important this time will be for you.

For clients and community members. For new moms. For seasoned moms. For birth sharing and breastfeeding support. For community.

Bring your baby. Let’s talk.

The first Friday of every Month. 10am-11:30am

$10 drop-in suggested

Sessions at: Kelowna Community Birth Care

513 Lawrence Avenue (above the barber).

Call the office at 250.317.0400

or email info@kelownabirth.com

mom hub
Kathleen loving the incredible babies coming to visit the Mom Hub
So much love. We see it all on Fridays.

Postpartum connecting

Mom Hub every Friday at Kelowna Community Birth Care. Come and sit with us. I promise we will take care of the rest.