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Kelowna General Hospital:
Explore Your Birthing Place


Thank you for visiting and exploring options related to your birth preparation. At this time, we are following any change relating the policy around Covid guidelines at Kelowna General Hospital. All Birth will keep you updated on any policy change.
****At this time, there are no tours offered for Kelowna General Hospital***

Below you will find the latest guidelines and policies as it relates to the pandemic. 

In order to continue providing safe care during this time, the perinatal unit at Kelowna General Hospital is continuing a strict pandemic policy. Please share this widely to anyone who may need to see it:

  • Only ONE support person in labour. This one support person will also be the only person allowed on the ward. Unfortunately this means NO visitors once you’ve had your baby. Please ensure your support person is healthy and has not travelled outside of Canada.
  • The waiting room has recently reopened however no visitors are allowed entrance to the hospital unless it is the birthing person and the partner
  • If you have a fever and cough please call L&D directly before you come in for an assessment and put on a mask as soon as you enter KGH. 250-862-4471


Join One of Our Monthly Hospital Tours

Welcoming any expectant parent wanting to tour Kelowna General Hospital in preparation for the birth of their baby. Find the place to arrive when you are in labour and view the rooms you will be labouring in and using during your stay. 

The tour includes information for arriving at KGH, location of labour & delivery,
and a detailed look at both the labour & delivery rooms and the postpartum unit
where you will stay once your baby is born.
We include some general information and maps; and all the hospital highlights and information so you know exactly what to expect.

The tour price includes the birthing person plus the partner or support person.

$30 Community Tour
$20 A BETTER BIRTH Participant



KGH current policy does allow tours.

Please note the date for our tours are always subject to change. It does not happen frequently but please be aware that if we arrive when the ward is full,
we may not be able to tour.
We do require pre-registration & payment prior to the tour. Fee is non-refundable.
Please feel welcome to ask any questions:
**When registering, please note the two options:
A Better Birth Participant (choose this if you have taken the prenatal class, A Better Birth)
Community Member (this option is for those who have not taken the class)


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