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I am Kathleen Baker, the face behind all birth. I am a professional doula, birth educator, placenta encapsulator and postpartum group facilitator. I have been a doula for 13 years and throughout that time, have supported all kinds of births and special situations.


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As a doula in Kelowna, I feel passionate about always advancing my birth education and adding to my skill set. I love to work with families.  And because pregnancy and birth, with all that entails, is such a special time, I think the role of a doula is invaluable.

My role is to provide education and support both emotionally and physiologically and completely serve the needs of my clients. My role is to provide unwavering  support during birthing and during the tender postpartum time. I have knowledge in breastfeeding and can help ease any family into a smooth and supported transition in the tender postpartum time.

“Kathleen is the best support one could ever hope for. She is kind, patient, funny, a great listener and she is smart. Kathleen is committed to making a pregnant woman, a new mother and a new family feel safe, confident and cared for.” ~ Raluca Fratiliou

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My early years as a doula included the invaluable opportunity to serve families throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island as well as Kelowna. Getting to know the women and partners and birth workers in these communities was full of unique and incredible experiences.

“Having Kathleens support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period was invaluable. Her ‘bag of tricks’,  knowledge, resources and tools, along with her gentle and supportive personality made my journey amazing. I truly couldnt have done it without her! She is much more than a doula. ❤” Adrienne Davidson

I  believe that because everyone can have personal agency and strength, my role is to appropriately assist and encourage a woman and her family during this transformative time.

I love to talk about any questions you may have: Do I make a birth plan? How can I think about my birth in a way that I feel supported and unafraid? Good questions.

Give me a call to chat, or meet for tea. I look forward to talking with you and connecting.

“When I’m not involved in my work, I am a singer and facilitate singing in community. I love to spend time with my family, dig in my garden, hula hoop and ride horses. I hope to meet you and work with you as part of your birth team.” Kathleen Baker


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